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Benefits of De-Oiled Lecithin
By: Dr. Larry J. Milam, H.M.D.

Lecithin is the most bio-available source of choline, which has been proven to be an essential nutrient involved in human metabolism. Phosphatidylcholine is present at high concentrations in several vital organs – the brain, heart, liver, and kidneys. Research indicates that lecithin supplementation works in many ways to improve and preserve good health. Research on the Benefits of Lecithin include:

Lecithin Benefit # 1: Liver Funtion. A significant amount of research suggests that lecithin is essential to normal liver function. It is believed to metabolize clogging fat (LDL and VLSL’s), and reduce the chance of liver degeneration. Studies also suggest that lecithin supplementation can effectively protect the liver from damage attributed to alcohol consumption.

Lecithin Benefit #2: Heart Health. Evidence that lecithin is a key component involved in the cardiac system has been reported. In the bloodstream, it has been shown to help prevent cholesterol and other fats from accumulating in the walls of arteries and to help dissolve deposits that may already be there. Lecithin is also believed to participate in the metabolism of homocysteine to further reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease.

Lecithin Benefit #3: Reproduction. The requirement for lecithin is especially high in women during pregnancy. Choline is transported across the placenta from the mother’s bloodstream to the fetus by a 1:14 ratio. Improving the quality of the egg, enhance fetal maturation, and assists mothers in the prevention of mastitis.

Lecithin Benefit #4: Child Development. For both the fetus and infant, choline has been shown to enhance brain and mental development. Mother’s milk has over 100 times the concentration of choline as is found in the maternal bloodstream. Infant formulas approved by the FDA in the US require at least 7 mg of choline per 100 kcal.

Lecithin Benefit #5: Memory Improvement. In the brain, Phosphatidylcholine is transformed into acetylcholine, a vital compound for the transmission of messages form one never to another. Scientific studies indicate that long term memory loss may be minimized by long tern use of lecithin as a dietary supplement. Thought processing and muscle control are also reported benefits.

Lecithin Benefit #6: Physical Performance. Lecithin supplements prevent decline of choline levels in plasma during intense physical activity. It has been shown to improve performance over extended periods of time.

Lecithin Benefit #7: Vitamin A Absorption. Lecithin has been described as the body’s emulsifier. It is though to aid the absorption of vitamins A and D in the intestinal tract. It also influences that utilization of other fat-soluble nutrients such as vitamins E and K.

De-Oiled Lecithin

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