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Skinny Tomato™

Natural Weight Loss Supplement

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More than a dietary supplement, Skinny Tomato™ is a delicious, low calorie functional food designed to provide nutritional support as a meal replacement (50 calories) while you lose weight or to help maintain your healthy weight. Science tells us that starvation diets create a “yo-yo effect” of weight loss, followed by weight gain. The body interprets lack of food as a nutritional famine and responds by reducing its metabolic rate. Nutritious meals are the foundation of healthy natural weight loss. Just one serving of Skinny Tomato™ contains the equivalent of two organic tomatoes and a patented non-GMO natural bean extract (Phaseolus vulgaris) which may reduce the enzymatic digestion of dietary starches, one of the the leading causes of weight gain.

The Science of weight loss
The kind of food we eat affects our diet-induced thermogenesis or as it is sometimes called “Specific Dynamic Action” (SDA). This is the amount of calories your body burns when digesting, absorbing, and metabolizing a meal. Simply it means that it takes calories to burn and release the calories in food. A person’s SDA constitutes about 10% of the total calories burned.

The kind of food we eat will affect SDA. Proteins such as Ultra Whey Pro™ and Meal in a Glass™ elicits the highest SDA, followed closely by carbohydrates. Fats are a problem for most people as fat creates a significantly smaller amount of SDA to be digested. This accounts for the fact that high-fat diets can be detrimental to losing weight (this was one of the problems with the Atkins diet).

The body does not use up many calories to digest and assimilate fats. When a person eats 100 calories worth of protein and carbohydrates, the body will use up approximately 25% of these calories just to digest the nutrients. However, when a person eats 100 calories worth of fat, the body will only burn about 3% in the digestion process.

Food scientists have documented that the more frequently we eat, the more energy we will expend in digesting the food. This has resulted in nutritionists recommending that we eat usually four to six small meals per day. Skinny Tomato™ can be substituted for one or more of those small meals per day. However, this advice comes with high warnings. This strategy will work only if the composition of the food is low in calories and in appropriate quantity.
Skinny tomato™ a super food

Each serving of Skinny Tomato™ contains two whole organic tomatoes, which have been carefully dried at low temperature to preserve the nutrient content versus normal processing which usually eliminate the tomato peels causing the loss of protective carotenoids. In Skinny Tomato™ only water and some acidity are removed creating the wonderful natural sweet juiciness of a vine-ripened organic tomato. With Skinny Tomato™ you can enjoy the wonderful subtle dessert quality sweetness of US grown organic tomatoes year round and not be dependent upon the local growing season.

The subject of “Lycopene in Tomatoes” has been a hot topic in the research of food and phytonutrients. This cartenoid
has been extensively studied for its superfood powers in the area of antioxidants and cancer preventing properties. Lycopene’s antioxidant function is tied to its ability to help protect cells and other structures in the body from oxygen damage (i.e. the protection of DNA inside white blood cells). Although lycopene may play an important role in the health benefits in tomatoes, it is not the only nutritional superstar giving this food a red-hot reputation for health promotion.

Recent research shows that the tomato’s protective effects against prostate cancer and cardiovascular disease are not simply due to the lycopene content, but result from the synergy of lycopene in preventing with other phytonutrients naturally present in whole tomatoes. Skinny Tomato™ contains the whole tomato.

Astudy published in the Journal of the Natural Cancer Institute found that whole tomato powder was significantly more effectively than lycopene alone in the onset of prostate cancer. Recent research is now demonstrating that lycopene may play only a minor role in tomatoes heart health benefits.
additional benefits
Lycopene is a powerful inhibitor of lung, breast, and endometrial cancer.
--The compounds found in tomatoes; coumaric acid and chlorogenic acid, help block the effect of nitrosamines found in tobacco smoke and may help reduce lung cancer.

--Serum PSA, primary tumor volume, and secondary tumor incidence, and pain associated with prostate cancer metastasis decline in patients who received lycopene tomato extract. (Ansari: et al. 2003)

--Lycopene in the body is concentrated in the liver, prostate, adrenal glands and testes.

--Lycopene may help reduce the risk of cataracts and mental degeneration.

--Supplementation with tomato products containing Lycopene, has been shown to lower biomarkers of oxidative stress.

--Women with the highest levels of Lycopene in their blood have five times a lower risk of developing precancerous signs of cervical cancer than women with lower Lycopene levels. University of Illinois study qtd. in Natural Products Industries, Ltd. Brochure.
skinny tomato™ ingredients

Organic Tomatoes--one serving (1 heaping Tbl.) of Skinny Tomato™ delivers the equivalent of two fresh whole organic tomatoes. Low temperature drying help preserve the color and taste of red tomatoes. Through the special drying process one tomato is dried into approximately 4.4 ounces of powder concentrating the lycopene and other nutrients.

Phase 2 Bean Extract--each serving contains 1.5 grams of starch neutralizing carb controlling extract that has been shown to inhibit the digestive enzyme alpha-amylase. It is this enzyme that is responsible for breaking down starch to simple sugars that are absorbed in the small intestines. Neutralizing these starches (carbs) allows them to pass through the digestive system, decreasing the number of calories absorbed, potentially promoting weight loss.

Soluble Dietary Fiber--a digestion resistant source of soluble fiber which helps with cleansing and detoxifying the system. De-Oiled Lecithin--this natural solubilizer helps emulsify fats and water and provide a creamy consistency.

Guar--a non ionic water soluble fiber. Promotes satiety, slows the digestion of a meal, thus lowering the glycemic index. May help support the increased absorption of calcium and lower serum cholesterol.
suggested use for weight loss

Use Skinny Tomato™ once or twice a day as a meal replacement (preferable breakfast and dinner). If you feel hungry between meals take an additional serving at any time. Do not wait until extreme hunger occurs as this causes a tendency to overeat due to lower blood sugar levels. If over 20 lbs. beyond your desired weight you may wish to try our Hearty Soup Recipe options.

Hearty Soup Recipes
Option 1: Add 1 serving of Whey Pro™ Protein Powder to 1 serving of Skinny Tomato™. This will give you approximately 24 grams of protein in one quick meal. (Total calories 155) Protein has a high SDA.

Option 2: Add ½ cup chopped lightly steamed vegetables; carrots, broccoli, cauliflower, peas, bell peppers, water chestnuts, or any of you favorite vegetables to each serving of Skinny Tomato™. Avoid potatoes rice, and corn. Can also add 4 oz. of lean chopped meat if desired.

Option 3: Add two servings of Skinny Tomato™ to make a larger portion (only 100 calories and zero fat). May add one serving of Magic Fiber™ CLR to enhance the dietary fiber content. (15 grams of fiber total).

Option 4: Use as a soup base, instead of canned soups which usuall have high sodium content. Be creative.
Add 10 ounces of hot water to 1 heaping Tbl. (14 grams) of Skinny Tomato™ and stir briskly until dissolved. For best result take Skinny Tomato™ in conjunction with three Vita Trim Pro™ capsules per day.
Information contained in this bulletin is for informational and educational purposes only and is not intended as a substitute for advise from your physician. This information should not be used for diagnosis or treatment of any health problem. You should consult with a health care professional for treatment of any health issue.