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Soy (Glycine max)

Organ Affinity: Cools: Spleen, Heart and Large Intestines.

Soybeans have played an integral part in Chinese culture, both as a food and as a medicine. It has been
suggested by scientific findings that soy is beneficial for healing chronic diseases including: osteoporosis,
kidney disease, atherosclerosis, and that it has anti-carcinogens and anti-cancer properties for breast, colon,
and prostate cancers. Genistein in soybean plays a major role as a weak estrogen compound which has been
shown to be an estrogen balancer in animal models.

Chinese Blackberry (Rubus suavissimus)

Organ Affinity: Liver & Kidney

Effects: Kidney tonic, astringent.
Indications: Kidney deficiency: impotence, spermatorrhoea, premature ejaculation, urinal incontinence, bed wetting.

Remarks: Improves vision in liver and kidney deficient symptoms. A recent Japanese study indicated antiinflammatory
effects and help with allergies.

Lo Han Kuo (Cucurbitaceae fruit)
Organ Affinity: Spleen & Lungs

Effects: Antipyretic, moist, calming, and relaxing.

Indications: Digestive tract problems; sore throats, coughs, headache, and tension.

Remarks: Effective for climination of constipation, diarrhea, or other digestive problems; relaxes digestive tract and, thus, relieves tension and helps reduce headaches.

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LO HAN KUO (Cucurbitaceae fruit-Momordica grosvenori)

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