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Perfect Balance Tea™

Natural Sugar Balance

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Panax ginseng

Organ Affinity: Spleen, Lungs
Effects: Boosts energy, immunity and sexuality; strengthens male reproductive organs, adrenal glands; improves the body's ability to handle stress.
Indications: Energy deficiency, weak pulse; asthma due to "empty" lungs; diabetes, heart palpitations, lack of appetite.
Remarks: Regulates blood pressure and blood sugar, promotes secretions of sexual hormones in men and women and promotes blood production.

Siberian ginseng

Organ Affinity: Liver, Kidney
Effects: Anti-rheumatic, analgesic, diuretic, tones ligaments and tendons.
Indications: Rheumatism and arthritis; cramps, liver and kidney deficiencies, weak lower back and legs.
Remarks: Strong anti-rheumatic and sexual vitality. Good adaptogen: Used to treat cardiovascular disease, diabetes and even cancer. Improves physical and mental pcrformances. Promotes overall health.

(Radix astragali)

Organ Affinity: Spleen, Lungs
Effects: Tonifies; diuretic, impedes perspiration, promotes suppression of abscess.
Indications: Energy deficiency, fatigue, prolapsed rectum, womb, or other organs, profuse sweating due to external "empty" ailments; stubborn abscess; facial swelling; diabetes.
Remarks: Used as a cardiotonic, lowers blood pressure and blood sugar; improves circulation in flesh and skin. Strengthens immune system by stimulating white cell activity and production of interferon. Chinese herbalists use it to improve digestion and metabolism.

Chinese Kudzu
(Puerarin lobata)

Organ Affinity: Spleen, Pancreas, Stomach
Effects: Diaphoretic, cooling, dilator of arteries and veins.
Indications: Alcohol craving: "hangover;" treatment of glaucoma; headache; heart functional problems. Remarks: Tonic for reduction of alcohol craving; daidzin in kudzu blocks enzymes which cause alcohol poisoning (hangover); beta-adrenoreceptor antagonist. Protective effects on heart; helps with headaches by the effect of having better blood flow to the brain.

Lo Han Kuo
(Cucurbitaceae fruit -Momordica grosvenori)

Organ Affinity: Spleen, Liver
Effects: Antipyretic; moist; calming; and relaxing.
Indications: Digestive tract problems; sore throats, coughs, headache, and tension.
Remarks: Effective for elimination of constipation, diarrhea, or other digestive problems; relaxes digestive tract. Relates to tension and helps reduce headaches.
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File editors Notes: Diabetes, hypoglycemia and other blood sugar problems are on the rise in the United States. Great results are being generated on diabetes and hypoglycemia with Perfect Balance (Natural Sugar Balance) Tea. For hyperglycemia, try using Perfect Balance (Natural Sugar Balance) Tea and Liver Enhancer
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