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Colon Cleanse-Colon Cleanser-Colon Cleansing

High Fiber Colon Health Detox

Colon Cleanser

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Nutricleanse Powder

Colon Cleansing: Health professionals agree that most, if not all, major diseases start in the Colon. The Nutri Cleanse Colon Cleanser is a Natural Cleanser that is an easy and pleasant cleansing agent to take. All of the ingredients are 100% natural and our Colon Cleanser is made in our factory here in the US under the most stringent guide lines.Your Colon Health is something that everyone should take very seruously indeed because with Colon Cleansing we can look back through a half century of Medical History, we find that the so called killer diseases of the day were the result of infectious diseases such as diptheria, measles, polio, tuberculosis, pneumonia, hepatitis and many varieties of chronic sepsis. No longer are these the major health hazards.

The current major killer diseases are noninfectious rather than infectious, with coronary heart disease (CHD), diverticular disease of the colon (DD), large bowel cancer, lung tumors, gallstones, varicose veins, obesity and diabetes listed as today's most troubling health problems.

All of these diseases have been related to diets which are characteristic of economically developed countries. These
countries have moved to a diet low in starch and fiber and high in fat, sugar and highly refined foods. As an example, in
third world countries, some 70% of the body's energy is provided by starch carbohydrates, food retaining its natural
complement of fiber. In these countries, fat provides only 10 -15% of the energy and protein and is mostly of vegetable origin.

In affluent societies, however, a little over 40% of the body's energy is derived from carbohydrates and approximately half of this is from sugar.

Fiber in the diet influences every stage of food consumption and digestion. The removal of fiber from food reduces
the necessity for chewing and, thus, increases the rate of energy uptake. The sense of satiety relative to energy consumption is reduced and, along with it, the predisposition to over-nutrition with resultant obesity. The energy from fiberrich foods is absorbed from the bowel more slowly. Some studies have cited this reduced rate of energy absorption as a protection against diabetes.

Fiber plays its greatest role and influence in the large bowel where it helps the onward propulsion and final elimination of bowel content. According to some medical experts, it provides protection against certain gastro-intestinal diseases by its ability to increase the bulk and maintain the softness of colon content.

Depending on the source of fiber, this is achieved by holding water in the lumen of the gut or increasing the bacteria mass which constitutes a major portion of the stool bulk. The average stool output in third world countries is three times that of western affluent countries (300-500 grams as compared to 80 - 120 grams).

A deficiency of fiber in the diet is the major cause of constipation, increased stool weight and shortening of intestinal transit
time. It has been shown that fiber
alters fecal pH and influences the metabolism of both cholesterol and bile acids, which have been implemented in the
cause of both gall stones and Coronary Heart Disease (CHD)

Some specific diseases related to dietary
fiber deficiency include diseases attributed
in part to reduced volume and increased
viscosity of large bowel content.

Diverticular Disease
Reduced volume & increased density of feces in the large bowel causes increased effort on the part of the muscles in the gut wall when propelling intestinal content forward. This pressure increase is largely responsible for protrusions forced through the wall of the gut's lining membrane (diverticula).

Large Bowel Cancer
It is generally accepted that dietary factors, primarily excessive fat intake, are responsible for colo-rectal cancer. Fiber increases bulk. This dilutes carcinogens, no matter what their cause. Fiber reduces the duration of a toxin's contact with the bowel mucous by increasing its speed of onward movement through the gut. It binds various toxic substances, rendering them innocuous.

It appears, even though there are other possible factors, that the shearing force caused by the passage of hard fecal mass through the anal canal is the major cause of hemorrhoids.

Foods rich in fiber have a low energy-satiety rate. They require more chewing and, thus, prolong the time spent eating. Consequently, a sense of satiety is achieved before excessive energy consumption. This, alone, reduces the development of obesity.

Fiber in the diet reduces the energy consumed and slows digestion. It also increases the viscosity of the contents of
the upper intestine. This reduces the rate of energy absorption, which, in turn, helps avoid an excessive demand for insulin output. The presence of fiber is considered a major protective factor against the development of diabetes.

Coronary Heart Disease
Studies have confirmed that consuming certain fibers can assist in lowering of serum cholesterol levels within the body. This can lessen the likelihood of certain kinds of coronary heart disease for some prople. Some researchers are studying the possibility that fiber can bind both fat and cholesterol in the foods we consume and make it less available to the body.

The very best of diets can be no better than the very worst if the body's sewage system, the colon, is clogged with a
collection of waste and corruption
New Spirit Naturals has blended superier ingredients for their ability
to help increase the fiber content of the diet and provide for good bowel and colon cleansing.

Plantago Psyllium Seed (Blonde)
Sometimes referred to as "colon's broom", Plantago Blonde is a fabulous crude fiber that has twice the bulking capacity of bran. This non-digestible fiber helps scrub the convolutions in the intestinal tract, loosening and cleaning putrefying toxins, while acting as an intestinal lubricant. Because of its content of mucilage, it is used as a demulcent. It absorbs and retains water and, therefore, creates a natural "laxative effect."

Guar Gum or Sterculia
A dietary fiber from ground endosperms of the seeds of Cyamopsis Psoroliodes. Guar is a digestive fiber used throughout the food industry as a thickening agent. It helps regulate the rate of absorption of nutrients, including sugar, spreading it over a longer period of time. The result is a slower rise in blood sugar levels and a less rapid subsequent drop.

Apple Pectin
A dietary fiber found in fruits. Amazing properties of Apple Pectin include the absorption of many different destructive elements from the intestinal tract.

A single cell member of the Chlorophycene (green algae) family. Its nutritive value, high plant protein and chlorophyll
content make it one of the world's best foods. Nutri-Cleanse contains a special broken cell wall chlorella which has
been shown to increase its digestibility and bio-availability.

Aloe Vera
Truly nature's aid to digestion. Aloe Vera is loaded with enzymes, minerals and vitamins!

Beta Carotene
Beta Carotene and a large number of similar compounds known as carotenoids are one of the hottest topics in nutritional science, cancer research and life extension studies. The carotenoids are yellow/orange pigment, deriving their name from carrots. They are found in all photosynthetic plants and bacteria where they play a function in protecting the plant's cell against damage from the highly reactive by-products of the photosynthetic process.
Animals are unable to synthesize carotene and must derive them from plant food sources. The best sources are dark green vegetables (spinach, broccoli, turnip greens) and yellow/orange foods such as carrots, yams, squash, pumpkins, etc. Beta Carotene is converted to two Vitamin A molecules by the intestinal mucosa. Vitamin A is essential for growth and development, vision, reproduction, immunity and maintains the integrity of all epithelial tissues such as teeth,
skin, hair and the mucous membranes of the digestive and respiratory tract. The National Cancer Institute has stated that high levels of Beta Carotene in the diet can reduce the risk of lung cancer by more than 40%. (A U.S. Department of Agriculture survey suggested that nearly half of all Americans get less than the recommended daily allowance of Vitamin A (5000 I.U.) in their normal diet).

The protein digesting enzyme from the papaya. Papain helps break down protein into a digestible state. We suggest mixing Aloe/ Papaya Juice with Nutri-Cleanse. This nutritious juice contains calcium, phosphorus and potassium and is rich in Vitamin A!

Capsicum (Cayenne)
Capsicum helps aid circulation in cold extremities and is very useful in inflammations, stomach and bowel disorders, fevers and pleurisy. It also helps relieve the body of excessive mucous.

One of the best herbs for chronic constipation. It is not habit forming. It increases secretions of the liver (bile), is a good intestinal tonic and promotes peristaltic activity of the bowel.

Black Walnut
Associated with killing and expelling parasites. Assists in the elimination of toxins.

Senna Pod
A very useful herb for cleansing the system during fasting. Has a natural laxative effect that increases the intestinal peristaltic movements.

Rosehips (Rosa Species)
High in Vitamin C, Rosehips are used to strengthen circulation and act as a respiratory aid which activates membranous and urinary secretions.

Gamma Orizanol
Made from rice bran, Gamma-Orizanol helps give a calming effect in the stomach. Organic Germanium A mineral found in the earth's crust that appears biologically to be effective in stimulating electrical impulses on a cellular level. Believed to be an "oxygen catalyst", it is found naturally in plants that are known to have special therapeutic properties such as aloe vera, garlic, comfrey, chlorella, ginseng and watercress.

Garlic (Allium Sativum)
Often referred to as the king of the vegetables, Garlic is nature's antibiotic. It has a rejuvenation effect on all body functions, stimulating the lymphatic system to throw off waste materials.

Acidophilus (Carrot Concentrate)
The type of bacteria normally found in a healthy intestinal tract. It helps maintain a balance of friendly bacteria that aids in digestion and promotes proper elimination of wastes. A healthy digestive tract also results in improved adsorption of

An excellent blood cleanser that helps build blood hemoglobin levels. It strengthens the immune system. It assists in the
oxygenation of the bloodstream. It is particularly important for people who live in cities and are exposed to smog and smoke (American Journal of Surgery). It breaks down poisonous carbon dioxide. It serves as an infection fighter and a natural deodorizer. Some say it is the richest land source of trace minerals. Nutri-Cleanse contains no sugar, yeast, dairy, wheat, corn, soy, artificial flavoring or colorings or preservatives.

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