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Magic Fruit Tea

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The primary function is as a digestive system tonic (from the throat to the colon). This cooling formula is used for acid reflux, ulcers, leaky gut syndrome, colitis, constipation, diaharrea, coughs and sore throat. It supports blood purification. It is merely a pleasant side effect that this formula delivers the sweetness of stevia without the annoying after taste. All chemical, artificial sweetners have unpleasant and possibly harmful side effects, the true extent of which may not be known for years to come. A far sweeter solution is this wonderful therapeutic formula.


(A proprietary extract from Lo Han Kuo, a fruit from the Cucurbitaceae subfamily, Mormodica grosvenori
Swingle). For thousands of years this herb has been known as the "magic herb" and used for stomach
comfort, blood purification, relief from constipation, coughs and sore throat. Standardized with 80% terpene
glycosides. Used in diabetic products and as a replacement for stevia and chemical sweeteners. Magic Fruit
Tea (Natural Sweetner) (TM) contains no calories and is 250 times sweeter the sugar, with no aftertaste

Lo Han Kuo

(Cucurbitaceae fruit -Momordica grosvenori)

Organ Affinity: Spleen, Liver

Effects: Antipyretic; moist; calming; and relaxing.

Indications: Digestive tract problems; sore throats, coughs, headache, and tension.
Remarks: Effective for elimination of constipation, diarrhea, or other digestive problems; relaxes digestive
tract. Relates to tension and helps reduce headaches.

Selected References For Magic Fruit Tea (Natural Sweetner) (TM)

LO HAN KUO (Cucurbitaceac fruit-Momordica grosvenori)
I. Lee C. lntense sweetner from Lo Han Kuo(Momordicagrosvenori) Experientia 1975 May 15:31(5):533-4.

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